Success made me do it VII 

“… As I have mentioned, I got the invitation  three hours ago and I am quite surprised. But despite of all of these I have to tell you that it would be an honor for me to have you there. I’m sorry if this sounds inappropriate but it is really important to take part in such an organization as a successful business woman and future lawyer . I would really appreciate your presence there and again I apologize for writing to you at this hour, but please, don’t misunderstand my intention.”

Mrs. Sebastian started to have a particular fellow feeling for me. He really wanted to “invest” in my life experience having as a guide of my willingness. But even with this thoughtful synthesis I couldn’t just let myself in a rich strange married man’s path. I do recognize that he’s a reservoir of wisdom, exactly what I need to increase my professional status, but this is something that I can also have or progress on it. I have also my resources.

8 am. I am standing in front of the same huge building; collecting the latest drops of courage while trying to call my business partner.

“Mrs. Sebastian, it’s me. I’m waiting outside. I hope I didn’t come too late…”

“Too early, miss Marlene! Come up  for a coffee. Forth floor, room 43.”

Deep breath! The same fake smiles on his staff until I met his. He was, indeed, drinking a coffee and reading the newspaper which weekly dedicates him a page. Quite easily smiling again while he quickly stood up and came to hold my hand.

“I hope you’re here for…!”

“Yes! Mrs. Sebastian, it’s an honor for me too. You’re associated with a lot of young business people and you chose me. I’m really happy…”

He tried to explain himself in a very subtle manner. I’m totally convinced that the limits do exist and he does also.

So, we’re on our way to British Virgin Islands for three days with the purpose of taking part to a summit concerning the WBDC (Worldwide Business Development Corporation).


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