Success made me do it VI

I had no idea that there were all my childhood friends. I didn’t know what Daniel was celebrating but that moment brought me back to that life with no responsibilities. We were even acting like high school students . I could barely recognize some of them.

“Marlene, how could you forget our 10 years party after graduating high school? I thought that last month when I called you, you actually said you’ll be here.”

“I definitely can’t find my words to apologize, Daniel… I come from a business dinner and I was totally lost. But thanks to you I’m here.” I tried actually to avoid his look; difficult to do it when you’re too in common to posses a stable control as my work thought me during these uncolored years of focusing only on a professional status.

“The same busy woman as I used to know… But, it feels like I’m still the only one that gets you out of that world.” He ended it up with a strong smile.

“Let’s just be honest!” I said returning the same act. “Only these kind of moments could bring me back in this house.”

I turned around and went to Ginger. Couldn’t see his reaction nor I actually wanted to. Daniel used to be a perfect man that every woman desire, until fame and humanist pleasures caught him like forever. And I also used to love him. As I clearly remember. After changing some new life opinions with Ginger I left in the garden, quite alone keeping my shoes in my hand. Next second I was laying down reading a message from Mrs. Sebastian.

“…and again I’m sorry for writing at this hour, but please, don’t misunderstand my intention.”



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