Success made me do it V

I have never been in situation more weird than this one. We were standing in a large bright living room. My father and his wife were keeping a talk with Mrs. Crawford. While Mr. Crawford, apparently, seemed to be a little bit stirred.

At that table everything was comfortable. I had two couples around me talking about their marriages. Mr. Sebastian is an expert in non-verbal behavior and I easily saw that some topics weren’t on his ‘liking’. Easy to see it through a simple smile.

“So, Ms. Marlene, are you still thinking to study the law? We american… We are difficult.” Said while sipping from his glass of wine. “Then I should be an expert. First of all I’m a woman, and secondly… A simple one.” I didn’t know that he also attended this field. My father suggested him to introduce me in this ‘world’. I nodded, but the real feeling is that I really didn’t want anyone to know about that. But my father… “You do have potential. Ah, what I’m saying, you’re my associated.” I didn’t know if I should take this one as a compliment or not. But for sure I felt an inversion of his reference.

We ended up on his terrace. Talking about his vineyards from Alexander Valley and Rio Grande do Sul. Last one being the place where he met Lisa, his wife. And his very good in telling detailed stories.

I was driving home on the Kennedy Expy. It was a rainy night and my thoughts were gone with the last event, the dinner. I have only good friends with great situations. I need to get a life too.

“Um, hello, yes! It’s Marlene, who’s calling me at this hour?” And I went to my ex house.



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