Success made me do it IV

I have approached an interesting topic that aimed to the supply and demand of our products in Brazil. I was quite happy, first of all because it seemed like my business partner was clearly understanding me and my preferences above all. Secondly, I was contouring another phase in my professional career.

Marlene Madison Company gets bigger in its actions and this just grows my heart. Fulfilled with positive energy I signed two papers and shaked hands with Mrs. Sebastian.
“Marlene, I was wondering if it’s possible that this night you and your family could come to my house for dinner…” Said with a declined voice.

Things are getting familiar, and my rule number “I don’t remember which one” is that there should be nothing more than business. On the other hand his motion is simply a good one to get to know the person I’ll be facing with.
“It would be a pleasure, but, I only know about myself what I’ll be doing. I let my father know about it and then I’ll call you.”
He nodded a smiley yes.



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