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I was waiting in that corner for 15 minutes then. She said she was quite busy; she’s always late. But  when you’re an executive secretary you got no reasons to be late. I choosed her because she’s very accurate. And I like that. “You may not believe me but they just lifted my car. God!” She was almost yelling at me as if there’s a hint of my blame. “Kate… Let me guess: you parked it on Silvary’s corner?”She obviously nodded.

We both were actually very stressed. Mrs. Crawford invited us in his company to change “papers and impressions”, he said… I simply needed to know my future business partner. Kate had heard of him once when she tried to find a job. She’s on the same opinion as me. The wisdom made him a very known personality in Chicago. There’s a special page in Hyde Park Herald for him every week.

And he’s newly married.

A simply and decent lady showed us the way to his office. Floor 47. While Kate was still apologizing for making me the driver this time, I smoothly made her shut up because Mrs. Crawford was waiting in front of the elevator. We were late and this thing made me feel really ashamed.”Ahh, I just wanted to get to the ground floor, asking personally for a correspondence. I thought you changed your mind meantime.” What a nice man! Looking for excuses in my place. “No, I would had called you if there were any problems.”Kate looked down with the eyes of an hungry dog.”Well, there’s no problem. You definitely have your strong reasons. This way, please!”