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After three years of working in company I decided to get a life. I was too into the professional one; I looked in the mirror and I saw a totally different person. I may not say less beautiful but for sure not what I ever thought I would be. The same hair color for five years now, the same make-up I used to wear in college now at conferences. I just realized I become bored of myself.
Kevin told to get a vacation at my little lake house in Milwaukee but I kept refusing that. And I got many reasons to do it.
So there watch me, laying in a hammock and staring at a beautiful sunset. Alone. I needed three years and an amazing evening looking at the sky to realize that life isn’t all about having good and strong professional and social status. These are just small targets to get to know your limits. But why would you want to get there if not having anyone close to you? My grandmother always told me that it’s all about inner peace first. As a main fundament.
Yes, she was so right!

Now there watch me again, being a successful woman at the age of only 27, beautiful, wise, bright, acute, prudent and maybe delicate. All that I ever wanted to be, back to the life I’ve kept it back just to follow my targets. Having everything and nothing. I gave up on love more than I ever expected. That sunset passed away like taking all my chances. In that moment I felt a huge solitude that made me wish to be back in the office. And then, as a sweet remedy, a voice spelled my name in the front of the house.tumblr_nd8v2dBcCU1qjzvcco1_500