Success made me do it II

It was Kevin. Of course, firstly he apologized and then with a slow voice started: “There are some urgent papers to sign so I can export our company actions”. I laughed ironically.
That’s it. I’m linked to what I have created and the only way of relaxing myself is also supposed to be in the inside of my work.
I left my silent place immediately. My strong and serious way of thinking is back. No more weakness, no more places to escape or refuge. There’s my place.
In the following day, Mrs. Sebastian Crawford seemed to be a gentle one. He introduced himself as nice and subtle as possible. And he did made me feel flattered. He was supposed to be my next associate in exporting products to Canada, and, by wondering, to Brazil.

His way of being very proud of my work and products, because it’s all about a brand of cosmetics, caught my attention and made me stay on my office desk, listening to him, as a rude lady, I mean, still a miss.
In business are no good friendships. In business people are like robots, follow the target without feelings. In business should only exist “mechanical” relationships. And it seems like this Mrs. Sebastian doesn’t know that. Or he does and just thinks I don’t.tumblr_nsiaa0JG4j1tkq3nno1_540


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