Goodbye – You, Wyoml!

All my life I needed an exact thing about how to start a new year. Depends on how you wait for it. How? Partying? Hoping for the best? Making a wish? Looking to the hight?
Yes. Like this. Until I got into 2014.


This year was like a fake temptation. Had trade me and make me think that that sweet beginning will lead me to something better. To what I wanted to realize along of it. But…
In some words I’ll describe it. I named it Wyoml. Guess? Worst Year Of My Life.


This doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy all its moments. Cause there were also beautiful ones. Of course, everything bad comes with a good first. Or after. 2015… ?
Wyoml showed me and made me pass for the first time, through the worst feeling that a human can have. Loosing somebody you truly care. And not just this: plus, without seeing that person before “the gone”.
This, a great torture, with a bonus pain in my heart and mind. Until this year, I have never experienced something like this.


After this try over me, Wyoml gave me some beautiful moments, but, how can you be happy drinking crystal water after you’ve been already dehydrated ? At least you’re not dead, you might be thinking now.

After treating myself by doing useless things to my personal evolution as a human in this tyrannic world, Wyoml showed me that it can do it ¨better, so I’ve been served with the detachment and recklessness of the ones I love. And, the reasons has no importance when they know they’re the ones for you.
Ok, Wyoml. You infected the love that had been feeding me since I was born.
Sad. Nevertheless , all that I have to say is thank you.


Thank you, Wyoml for training me for this life.
I also know that nothing worth comes easy, and I’m also conscious that in a great measure all of these depended on my strength, faith, trust and hope. When I had none of these.


So thanks again, Wyoml, aka 2014.
You just trained me for a next one, and now I’m well prepared.

I have the Strength to sustain my Faith that will protect my Trust so I can Hope to act. – Maria Sfiq


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